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Private Yoga Classes


Are you looking to practice in the comfort of your home but don’t know where to start? Do you have a health concern or injury that is preventing you from going to a larger yoga class due to wanting a more personal and customized practice? Are you looking to start a yoga practice but are unsure of alignment and postures? Are you hoping to take your practice to the next level ? Private Yoga may be just what you need.


Each class will be customized with you and your needs in mind, each class will be playful, supportive and include hands on adjustment to ensure alignment through your practice.

Types of classes can included but are not limited to:


Restorative Yoga a slow class using props to fully release and support the body to allow restoration

                              from the inside out


Yoga for Beginners a class which will focus on alignment, breath and getting comfortable going in

                                  and out of each posture


Vinyasa Yoga a faster based class which offers connection to movement and breath going deeper

                        into more postures at a steady pace


Hatha Yoga a fun yet challenging class where you would do less “flow style” and hold each posture

                     for at least 3 breaths (suitable for all levels)


Chair Yoga doing yoga in a chair provides ease and stability for anyone working with major aliments.


Yin Yoga take your practice deeper by offering your body a class with longer holds (3-10) min staying

                connected to stillness and breath. (great for athletes)


Couples Yoga do a sweet class with your loved one, there will be opportunity to do some partner

                        poses and massage!

Corporate Yoga


Yoga in the workplace is a great way to let go of stress and tension and have fun and connect with your co-workers! Surprisingly you do not need a lot of space to offer yoga classes. Classes can be done in a board room, gym or outside (weather permitting).

Benefits of Corporate Yoga

For the Employees


Helps reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue


Increases energy and vitality


Increased job satisfaction


Improves memory and concentration


Improves posture


Improves flexibility


Improves overall health, which means less sick-days and absences


Reduces overall body pain


Motivation and efficiency can increase


Builds connection and moral

For the Company


Increased productivity from staff


Decreased health care premiums


Reduced staff turnover


Reduced sick days


Higher job satisfaction


Creates and builds community


Shows employees the company cares about their well being

Workplace Offerings Include

Lunch Hour Yoga (30-60 min)


After Work Yoga (30-60 min)


Meditation Classes(30 min)


Wellness Events (Yoga for tight hips, Yoga for tight shoulders, meditation for stress release, restorative yoga at home)


Local day or weekend retreats for the company

***All sessions can be customized, please click below for more information for pricing, availability and a free consultation

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