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About Ashleigh

It was 2008 and a friend of mine convinced me to go to a hot yoga class with him.  I said yes, but immediately regretted it. I had no idea how to “do” yoga, heck I didn’t even own a mat or workout clothes!


Looking back I can remember everything about the class. It was busy, hot and I had no idea which way was up on my mat. With all the nerves and expectations I eventually laid down on my mat. It was a struggle to close my eyes and disconnect from everything else. Eventually (it took some serious time) but I was able to let go.


As I closed my eyes life melted around me. Work was a distant memory, I felt each breath, and I knew this class was for me.  I left the class soaked and feeling a bit silly but also completely captivated with this world that I stumbled into!


After that class I was hooked, I explored yoga as a practice and not just a 60 minute class.  I took my new found appreciation to many different studios, teachers and tried various styles of yoga.  Eventually I found a beautiful home at Stratusphere in Vaughan where my practice really evolved.  I learnt the most important part of this journey; that I was capable physically, emotionally and spiritually to take and run with this gift given to me.


For me yoga was a vacation from the crazy world around me. The more I practiced the more magical it felt.  Every time I stepped onto my mat I could feel this internal shift inside me. I was changing, opening and truly able to follow and listen to my heart. After a few years of practicing I made a pretty bold initiative.  I wanted to be able to serve others the way my teachers gave to me. I wanted to make students experience their own magic and support them on their journey in any way I could.  I wanted to teach.


I talked about completing a yoga teacher training for a while before I actually built up the courage to go for it!  There were so many unknowns.  “Would I make friends? Could I fully embrace this new journey? Would I be any good? Would I be respected?”


 I managed to push through the doubt and showed up to the first training weekend with an open heart and mind.  My 8 month journey through teacher training has turned me into a student for life! The more I was taught, the hungrier I got. The need to constantly learn and take part is what makes this journey so profound for me.


In 2012 I completed my Hatha yoga training with Diana Lockett. Since then I have had the pleasure of learning from Erin Aquin (Yin Yang Yoga), Michelle Cormack (Pre and Post Natal yoga), Tama Sobe (Yoga for stress, anxiety and depression) and Judith Lasater (Restorative yoga).


You can find me teaching mostly in the Vaughan and Georgetown area with the odd pop up around the GTA. You can find my full schedule here and workshops here


If I had to describe my classes I would start by saying they are suitable for all levels.  I practice weekly with children, seniors and everyone in between.


My personal promise is to always support, provide personalized adjustments and to make you laugh and feel at home in my classes. My goal is to allow my offering to resonate with you in an authentic way. My heart ensures that each class is always playful, genuine, fun and innovative.  The class will always be about you!


When I am not on my mat teaching or practicing you can find me with my friends, family and my dogs! I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere!  I am also a volunteer at Diana Lockett’s teacher trainings each year.


You can find out more about her life changing yoga teacher training program here


Let's stay connected so you can find out about some sweet workshops and luxurious retreats.


From My Heart to Yours,


About Accessories

Restorative yoga and the need for peace started this baby!


Who’s been to a restorative yoga class with yummy eye pillows?

As soon as I used one I knew I needed to make at least three.  Just for me.


I wanted to offer something special to my students for their savasana practice.  I had taken fashion class in high school and have a pretty crafty mom so I figured it couldn’t be that hard.    After sourcing the materials and getting a handle on my sewing machine I was able to produce a great product!  I started using my friends and family as guinea pigs, and within week’s orders started coming in.  I never expected these to be such a huge hit.  All my eye pillows have been sold by word of mouth, at yoga events, and studios.


My classic eye pillow transformed into a kid’s eye pillow for relaxation & sleeping and has become a success story in itself. Next came the lavender therapy pillow, perfect for warming up and cooling down to place on neck’s, backs, tummies, pretty much anywhere! The pillows have also been showing up as a great prop for home restorative practices acting like a sandbag for feeling grounded.


My jewellery and other bits & pieces are a huge passion project for me. I love learning about the healing power of gem stones. I make bracelets and malas because I want to wear and share them with everyone. Right now my jewelry is one or two of a kind, most designs are custom orders which is so fun to manifest and dream up.

Hand to Heart is designed, cut, sewed, stuffed, and beaded all by my mom and myself. We make each piece with love by hand, and with the intent to allow these gifts to be loved by whoever receives and uses the product. Each item is different, unique and special just like our customers.


Custom and wholesale orders are available for any of the eye pillows, jewellery, malas, and all products. Click here for more info


From my hands to your heart,


Hand to Heart Yoga & Accessories 2016